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As a Seeker write a brief description about your job. Provide us with the details of where you want it done and choose to post it immediately or schedule it in for a later date. Our booking process is quick and simple whilst being completly free.

Select your Provider

Once a Provider makes an offer on your job you’ll be immediately notified and will be able to browse through their profiles filtering your selection through pricing, distance or ratings until you find the right local for your job


Once selected, our in app messaging system allow for easy breezy communication and our live tracking feature shows your provider coming to you in real time. On completion, just confirm your payment method, leave a review and you're all done.

LocaL2LocaL is an app, that has been founded on the need to create a network of mobile businesses and individual Service Providers for immediate services.
A Service Seeker engages an active Service Provider to do a job and once accepted, can track them approaching the specified location.

LocaL2LocaL uses map tracking technologies like popular rideshare apps.

A Service Provider nominates the amount they wish to be paid for the task and when the Service Seeker engages them to do the job, the nominated amount is secured from the Service Seeker’s credit card and placed on hold. When the Service Provider completes the job, they are paid automatically through our secure payment provider, Stripe.

How does LocaL2LocaL work?
Check out the video below to see how we can assist you in getting things done!


Immediate Assistance

One tap and a Service Provider comes directly to you. Payment is safe via our secure Stripe payment gateway.

On-Demand Service

As a Service Seeker, you can book the services you need, anytime, anywhere - Subject to Service Provider availability.

Real Time Tracking

Track your Provider in real time using our live geo tracking technology similar to rideshare apps.

Provider Selection

As a Service Seeker, you can select a Service Provider and look at their profile before booking services.

Fraud Protection

We verify the information of every Service Provider that joins our team. This helps us create a fraud-free environment at LocaL2LocaL.

Unique Tracking

Our unique tracking allows you to see your providers coming to you in real time. We have found a new way of job booking so you don’t have to wait around for approximate arrival times.

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In-App Messaging

Our in app messaging is available as soon as you receive your first offer on your job. This allows both parties to immediately reach out to discuss pricing, times, job details and more.

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Are you sick of service platforms and their hefty fees?

Want more back in your pocket. With LocaL2LocaL you can register to be both a Service Seeker and a Service Provider. This is also a great platform to advertise your business & services. So what are you waiting for?



  • On-Demand Service
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Provider Selection
  • Ratings and Reviews
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  • 9% Service Fee
  • Be your own boss
  • Time Flexibility
  • Create Community
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The easier way to work

LocaL2LocaL is an application for fulfilling immediate services. This means that if you need something done ‘Now’ LocaL2LocaL has you covered. There are many services currently listed including trades, car maintenance, babysitting, cleaning and more. We are trying to break the norm of 9-5 and put the power back into your hands. If your a provider with a skill of services, download the app today and see what opportunities await you.




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The App

LocaL2LocaL is a supportive community where users can share their skills and talents whilst giving back to their local community. “Locals helping locals” - The need it now motto means exactly that. We make sure that if you need it now, some local legend who’s in your area will be able to lend a hand and get the job done in only just a couple of clicks.